Friday, September 21, 2012

Social Security ID Application

Last Tuesday (September 18, 2012), I applied for the first time for my Social Security ID (or SSS ID). Here are the steps I dealt with:

  1. Searched the contact number of the nearest SSS branch office from my home.
  2. Call them and asked the procedures on SSS ID application.
  3. As advised, I went to the SSS Branch Office (Olivarez Plaza, Binan, Laguna) at around 7am to queue for the number (written on top of your Form E-6 so you need to re-write everything if you downloaded the form online). At this specific branch, they only entertain the first 100-150 applicants per day and they distribute numbers as early as 7am though the office starts at 8am. I arrived 7:10am and got #47.
  4. I waited outside the office until my number to be called. They are calling numbers by tens and the frequency of calls are made after every 50 minutes. 
  5. My number was called at around 10:45am then once inside we were still in a line (standing) for Step1: ID Validation. Bring at least 2 Valid IDs (you may see the list of accepted IDs from their site). As for me, I presented my passport and PRC ID.
  6. I finished Step1 at around 11:30am then immediately proceeded to Step2: Data Capture. On this step, you will be taken for your headshot (no required attire whatsoever) and will be asked to present again your IDs. Luckily, they have 12nn-1pm lunch break and I was a victim of that. Knowing that I might be the next one to be called, I stayed on my seat. The step resumed at around 12:50pm and I was then called; finishing the entire process at around 1pm.
  7. Wait, wait and wait for 6 months to 1 year before your ID to be delivered on your doorstep.
To processing time might be different on other branches as I have an officemate also took the same ID application at Cainta Branch - she arrived 9am (got #72) and finished by 11:45pm.

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